EasyPark manual

Start EasyPark

When you start EasyPark, the main page opens. On this page you can see buttons that can be used to operate EasyPark and a map that displays your current position useing a blue marker.
EasyPark will make sure that your current position is always visible on the map, moving the map when necessary. Your current position is updated regularly.

By clicking on a button in the menu the corresponding action is performed by EasyPark.

Zoom the map

The buttons on the lower-middle of the map can be used to zoom the map. The '-' button will show a bigger area, the '+' button will show more details. When zooming, EasyPark will make sure that your current position stays visible.


When you have parked your car, you can use EasyPark to remember the location of your car. If your current position on the map corresponds with your actual location (sometimes the GPS shows a slightly inaccurate position when it is just started) you can push the Park button to register your car's location. The location of your car is depicted by the P marker on the map. Even when you close the application, EasyPark will remember your car's location the next time it is started.
While you are parked, the Park button will be replaced by an Unpark button (see Unpark).

In case EasyPark cannot determine your position accurately enough, a page is shown that informs you of the fact that EasyPark is waiting to get an accurate position. If an accurate position has been found, this page will be closed automatically. Now you can push the Park button again.


While you are parked, the Unpark button is visible. When you return to your car you can push the Unpark button to let EasyPark know you are no longer parked. The button will be replaced by the Park button again, making EasyPark ready for the next time you park your car.
EasyPark will detect when you return to your car, and will generate an audio notification to remember you to unpark.


When you are away from your parked car, you can use EasyPark to find a route back to your car. Just push the Route button and EasyPark will calculate a route back to your car optimized for traveling by foot. Using your current position marker on the map you can follow the route drawn on the map.

You cannot calculate a route to your car if it isn't parked... EasyPark will show a message if you try anyway.


When you are parked, the Status page gives information about your car's location, the time you parked it and the duration of the parking until now. It also shows the linear distance from your current position to your car. You can use the duration and distance information to decide whether it is time to go back to your car.

If you push the Status button while you are not parked, EasyPark will tell you so.

Parking history

You can view a list of all locations that you parked previously by following the parking history link on the status page. The list shows the date, time, duration and location of all the times you parked. The most recent locations are shown first.


EasyPark contains a help page that explains the basic functionality. The link on the help page will bring you to this manual.